Foster Parent Advisory Board Voting

The Foster Parent Advisory Board members serve as leaders of the greater foster parent population. This group brainstorms new ways that KVC and foster parents can improve the foster care experience for children in care, foster families and KVC. Each candidate is listed below. Please vote for your preference on President, Vice President and Secretary.


Abigail Barnhill

Shawnee County, Fostering for 3.5 years

I would like an opportunity to connect with other families/KVC with the intent of collaboration in advocacy/education/support/best interest of children in care. Given previous and current experiences, work, and education – I believe I can be of benefit to the Board/other families and also want to learn in a reciprocal relationship with KVC. I would love to see less disruption and believe education and support is the key to this. I would like to see stronger relationships between the community/homes and the Agency. I believe strong liaisons are key.

Hannah Mabie

Johnson County, Fostering for 2 years

I am a licensed social worker, who began my career at Children’s Mercy (PICU), then to KVC as a Case Manager, and now I work at a non-profit (church) as a Foster Family support resource. I have also served occasionally as a contractor with KVC writing home studies or teaching TIPSMAPP.

My own family has been on a lengthy journey of fostering, beginning with functioning as a PPC home for the past four years (with many PPC placements). We are licensed with KVC and have primarily served as a respite placement for dozens of respite placements (and counting!). On a side note, our personal extended family is very diverse and represents (the hard but beautiful) story of adoption.

My current role as a community resource role allows me to connect with many resources in our city to the benefit of our Foster Adopt Families. We host support groups for foster families, resource families when agencies have met limitations, and engage in many efforts which hopefully sustain and encourage foster adopt homes.

We’ve also had the chance to offer much needed support families working reintegration case plans. We were recently able to provide our second minivan to a mother trying to reintegrate with her four children, but was in need of a vehicle. We’ve helped to furnish a home for an adoptive grandmother of 7 and provide her with a safe vehicle. We have also been a part of Care Portal bill pay efforts which are focused on family preservation.

I believe serving as a part of the KVC Board would be insightful for myself. I would love to participate more intentionally in what KVC is doing in Johnson County. I believe my role on the Board would include learning more about KVC’s heart and vision for Johnson County. I also believe I could offer new community connections which would benefit our KVC foster families.

Jeannette Lynn Smith

Douglas County, Fostering for 5 years

Because we need to create solutions instead of just complaining about the problems.

Vice President

Kaeli Bryant

Sedgwick County, Fostering for 1 year

I have worked in foster care for years and love the work. I have more recently became a foster care family and have an appreciation for both sides!

Randy Gales

Osage County, Fostering for 3 years

As an elementary school teacher for 35 years, I have a heart and caring you children and their wellbeing. I was a single dad for most of my two daughters lives growing up. I got started in fostering when my oldest daughter was working for DCF and I became very aware of the need for foster parents. While fostering, I have had lots of concerns with the way things have been handled with the children I have fostered. This is one of the main reasons I would like to be on the board. I would like to help work towards helping prevent other foster parents from having to deal with some of those issues. I also would like to just help in any way that I can as a board member and support the foster parents and the foster system. By being a sounding board for the parents as well as looking out for the children rights is very important. Caring for mostly younger children , a little over a year ago I did a weekend respite for a 15 year old young man that has turned into as I said a little over a year that he has been with me. We have both grown and learned a lot since he has lived with me. Teen boys are very different than raising teen girls! I look forward to being a member of the Advisory Board for Foster Parents if so chosen.

Michael Turner Sr

Shawnee County, Fostering for 10 years

Through my many years of volunteering and leading programs and miniseries, I have always strived to be the voice for others who feel they may not have a voice. I have served as a mediator and active supporter for members of previous non-profit organizations that I was associated with. As there are many types of foster families of all different types of backgrounds, believes, and even ambiguities, it behooves me to ensure that I am the voice for all foster families. IT is the mission of KVC, “To enrich and enhance the lives of children and families by providing medical and behavioral healthcare, social services and education.” I believe that this starts with enriching the lives and support that are offered to us foster parents

Also running for Vice President:

  • Abigail Barnhill
  • Hannah Mabie
  • Jeannette Lynn Smith


  • Abigail Barnhill
  • Kaeli Bryant
  • Hannah Mabie