Featured Foster Families

KVC Foster Families are everyday superheroes! Without hesitation, they put their own needs aside for the children in their care.  Each month, KVC staff nominate a foster family that has gone above and beyond to help the children in their care.  All entries are voted on anonymously by KVC employees and the winner is selected.

January/February 2016 Featured Foster Family: KVC is happy to spotlight Rachel and Nathan WebbWebb who were nominated by Aleesa Lennon. The Webbs have been foster parents for 2 years and recently began caring for a young boy with autism. The family has worked hard to educate themselves on the disorder in order to meet the child’s needs, and Rachel has shown incredible patience and understanding while working to safely reunify the boy with his birth mother.

November/December 2015 Featured Foster Family: KVC is happy to spotlight Albert and Wilma Walker who have been adoptive and foster parents for 32 years. They have three birth children and have adopted six children from foster care.  They currently care for six children with very significant needs. Any worker who comes into contact with them can see their dedication and love for their children. Whether it is in the middle of the night or a planned move for a child, Mr. and Mrs. Walker will do whatever they need to help a child.  They spend their evenings and weekends juggling appointments for all of their children and wouldn’t have it any other way.  Once a child is in their home, they are treated as members of the Walker family.  The Walkers enjoy sharing holidays with many adults who were once part of their family when they were children in foster care.  Mrs. Walker has said it’s not uncommon for over 50 people to be at their house for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Mr. and Mrs. Walker continue to mentor and support children placed in their home even after the children leave.

September/October 2014 Featured Foster Family: KVC is happy to spotlight Robert and Susan Perez who were nominated by their Family Service Coordinator, Heidi Cannon.  Susan and Robert have gone above and beyond to help a youth in their home reunify with her mother.  Throughout the time that this child was with the Perez family, the foster family went to great lengths to include the biological family in events such as holidays and the child’s birthday.  Recently, both Robert and Susan helped the youth’s biological mother move into her new house.  Robert even took time off of work to help with the move.  Susan has gone over to the mother’s home during the evening of the overnight visits to show the child’s mother how to put her to bed.  She continues to be a great resource for this parent by providing support and encouragement when it is needed most.

July/August 2014 Featured Foster Family:  KVC is happy to spotlight Alexander Shultz who was nominated by Suzanne Lundberg.  Alex recently accepted responsibility for placement of three teenage boys as a Non-Related Kinship home. Alex and the boys are from a small, rural community. He has known the boys for several years and has been aware of family concerns. When the boys entered foster care, he was AlexShultzwilling to begin the licensing process immediately.  Accepting responsibility for three teenage boys is amazing.

Alex secured the boy’s Kan Be Healthy and dental exams within two weeks of placement.   He also completed all of the necessary changes in his home for regulatory compliance with Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) without any hesitation. He ensured the oldest youth had senior pictures and planned a high school graduation celebration. Alex has taken in stride the change in his role and responsibility for the boys from a community friend to foster parent. He has diligently worked through the required classes and managed to make it through some intense behavioral challenges and resistance initially presented by the boys. His love for the boys show in everything he does and in his dedication to ensuring stability within their home and community.

May/June 2014 Featured Foster Family: KVC is happy to spotlight Brandon and Lacey Holley who were nominated by Kathy Smith.

Holley Family

Brandon and Lacey have proven to be amazing with the nine year old boy who is placed with them.  They will explain things to the child at his level and make sure he understands.  They have taken special efforts to help him work on patience and

understanding of others.  Lacey is extremely nurturing as well.  She goes above and beyond by driving him to and from appointments and visits.  The family always includes him in their family events.  They have provided structure to this boy and he is thriving under their care.

March/April 2014 Featured Foster Family: KVC is happy to spotlight Beverly Pogue who was nominated by Crystal Miller. Beverly is an awesome foster parent who goes above and beyond to care for the harder to place teen girls and other children in her home. She works closely with the girl’s case managers, therapists and other professionals involved in each case. On multiple occasions, she has had pre-placement visits at the Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility to ensure she is familiar with the child and their needs before they are placed with her. When a child needed an acute hospital screen, she took the child herself and waited for the screen to be completed. When transportation was not available, Beverly has helped transport all of the girls in her home to all of their appointments, visits and court even if they were not located in her home county. Beverly helped one girl in her home get her car out of impound and also get her driver’s license. She is very comfortable monitoring phone calls and working in partnership with biological parents. Beverly lives on a farm and utilizes the animals and farm work as a way to teach  responsibility, caretaking and nurturing. She is willing to go above and beyond for children placed in her home.

January/February 2014 Featured Foster Family: KVC is happy to spotlight Jason and Wendy Guilfoyle who were nominated by Crystal Rausch. The Guilfoyle’s have gone above and beyond to help children with special needs and to help siblings stay together. Wendy was an in-home daycare provider for over twenty years until six months ago. She decided she wanted to help more children by caring for siblings. They took placement of two brothers, one of whom has some mental health needs, along with another young girl they had placed with them. Their next placement was for three young girls who all had an autism spectrum diagnosis. Jason and Wendy are now caring for six children, with four of the children having very high needs.

Wendy’s time each day is spent in the home caring for all of the children and making sure that all of their needs are met in a timely manner. Wendy and Jason celebrate birthdays and holidays with all of the children. They ensure the children feel like a part of their family and help them stay connected to their biological families by having the children talk with them around those special times. The Guilfolyle family truly cares for every child in foster care placed in their home as a member of their family.