2019-20 Kansas Foster Care Changes & Understanding Your Support Team

Recently the Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF) announced grant changes that will change how foster care case management will be handled. If you are a foster parent, you may have wondered, “How will this affect me?”

While this is a big change for the Kansas child welfare system, it’s important to remember that this will not affect our relationship with you as a foster parent. These changes only pertain to the child’s case manager, not the support you receive from us as a foster parent. The Child Placing Agency (CPA), which is the division of KVC Kansas that provides services directly to you, will not be affected by these grant changes.

The graphic below goes into more detail on these grant changes and provides a guide to understanding your support team.


More Info on 2019 Kansas Foster Care Changes

Family Preservation

DCF issued a new request for proposals for the family preservation grant, and KVC submitted a proposal for this very important prevention work with children and families. Proposals were submitted in April 2019 and any changes in family preservation providers will be announced soon with a start date of January 2020.

Foster Care Case Management, Reunification and Adoption (Permanency)

DCF will move forward with the new providers it previously announced on November 1, however the start date has been moved back to October 1, 2019 to support a smooth transition. The above map breaks this down. Starting October 1:

  • KVC Kansas will continue to provide foster care case management, reunification and adoption contractor in Area 6 (Johnson and Douglas counties) and Area 3 (Shawnee, Jefferson, Wabaunsee, Jackson, Pottawatomie, Marshall, Nemaha, Brown & Doniphan counties).
  • KVC Kansas will transition its foster care case management responsibilities to Cornerstones of Care in Area 5 (Wyandotte, Leavenworth and Atchison counties) and to TFI in Area 4 (the 16 counties we serve in Southeast Kansas: Miami, Franklin, Osage, Coffey, Anderson, Linn, Woodson, Allen, Bourbon, Wilson, Neosho, Crawford, Chautauqua, Montgomery, Labette and Cherokee).

Placement Matching System

We expect that the placement matching system contract will proceed to support the new foster care case management providers beginning October 1. This is a software system that contains information on all the foster families in Kansas.

Additional Information If You’re a Foster Parent

If you receive services from our child placing agency (CPA), you will likely experience only minimal changes. That’s because our work recruiting, licensing and supporting foster families is not based on a state contract or grant. We can recruit foster families in any area of the state and we are reimbursed when we, through a family, provide care to a child. Our CPA has an exciting opportunity to focus on some of the highest need areas of the state and build its pool of caring families so that we can provide the best match for each child in care.

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