KVC Kansas’ Impact

Each day, KVC Kansas touches the lives of thousands of Kansas children and families. With services that help them feel safe and connected to each other and their communities, take a look at how many Kansas children, individuals and families we were able to positively impact this past fiscal year. See the full overview here. This broad impact is due to KVC’s role as a lead agency with the Kansas Department for Children and Families.

Over the last year, KVC Kansas helped people in many ways:

KVC Kansas impact

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The Impact of KVC Health Systems

As a nonprofit organization spanning five states, KVC Kansas’ parent organization, KVC Health Systems, creates meaningful, positive change in the lives of tens of thousands of children and families each year. See how KVC Health Systems helps people find connection:

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Child and Family Success Stories

Father Overcomes Addiction to Safely Reunite with His Sons in Foster Care

Adam is a father who struggled with substance use and addiction. He made some decisions that led to his two little boys entering foster care. He decided to do everything he could to change his life and bring his boys safely back home. Thanks to his KVC worker’s support and the KVC foster family caring for his boys, Adam and his children are now back together and thriving. Every night, his son tells him that he’s his best friend, and “I love you” is said often in this home. Read the full story here.

Unstoppable Mom Does Whatever It Takes to Reunify With Her Son After Foster Care

Gabriella, an unstoppable mom, did whatever it took to reunify with her son after foster care. Now she empowers parents just like her with advocacy, mentorship and leadership through KVC.

From an early age, Gabriella struggled with her home life, grappling with drug use as a way to cope with a lack of acceptance and love from her family. For years, it seemed as though she was running into roadblock after roadblock, and nothing was improving. Things went from bad to worse when her baby was removed and placed into foster care. She had to find strength she didn’t know she had to reunify with him after foster care.

Little did Gabriella know that all of these experiences would eventually lead her down a path that she never would have expected: a path of resilience, restoration and ultimately, healing. Today, Gabriella works to empower parents and families involved with child welfare as she gives back through KVC. Read the full story here.

“I used to be ashamed that my son had been in foster care. But today, I get to help others make changes in their lives.”

From Foster Care to Fatherhood: Ray’s Journey to Becoming a Successful Family Man and Youth Mentor

As a young boy, Ray experienced child abuse and neglect. This led to him being in foster care for his own safety. His KVC case manager, Maureen, was a wonderful positive force in his life and helped him create a better future. She knew him as Steven at the time, but now he goes by his middle name Ray. Now Ray is a husband, a father, and the leader of One Community Jiu Jitsu in Kansas City, KS, which provides free classes to children and teens. Through martial arts, youth learn self-confidence and strengthen their mental health through self-defense training. Read Ray’s story here.

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