Outpatient Behavioral Health Services

Are you having difficulty with the daily management of your children? Does your child have trouble getting along in school? Do you suffer low energy or lack of interest in everyday activities? If so, you or your family may benefit from the help of a mental health professional.

Mental health disorders can affect anyone, at any age, at any time.  They can be painful and sometimes debilitating. The state of your mental health can interfere with the way you think, feel, and act. It has an impact on how we look at ourselves and others around us. Just like physical health, mental wellbeing is important at every stage of life.

At KVC, we are committed to treating the whole person and providing a continuum of care to keep the family healthy and strong. We specialize in providing trauma-informed mental health services using the Trauma Systems Therapy (TST) and Parent Management Training (PMT) evidenced-based models.   Treatment services include diagnosis and treatment for children, adolescents, adults, and their families involved in the Kansas child welfare system.

We promise to protect and nurture mental health with early, appropriate therapy and medication management.

Our clients see tangible improvements in their mental health due to the evidence-based nature of our clinical services, and the compassionate clinicians who manage their care.

For more information, please contact Matt Arnet, Director of Outpatient Services, at (913) 499-8100.

**Please note: At this time, we are not accepting walk-in clients.