Adoptive families provide a safe and nurturing home for children who cannot safely return to their birth family. Hundreds of children in Kansas are currently waiting for a loving adoptive home, and you can meet some of these children on the KVC Adoption Website.  Most children who are adopted through KVC are adopted by their foster parents or a relative who has been providing care.

KVC provides families with preparation, resources, support, and events during the adoption journey to facilitate successful adoptions.

The greatest need for permanent, loving homes is for older children and sibling groups. We work by the mantra that “Children Can’t Wait.” KVC focuses on locating and selecting the best possible family for a child, rather than finding a child for a specific family.

Please consider becoming an adoptive family for children without a place to call home. You will be opening the door to countless opportunities for a child in need. Call 1(888) 655-5500 to learn more.