Foster Care

Fostering a child has all of the challenges and rewards that come with parenting your own child… and more! We invite you to become a foster parent through KVC. We care for more than 3,700 children in foster care across 30 counties in eastern Kansas. We are always looking for compassionate families to join our mission to enrich and enhance the lives of children in need. Make a difference in a child’s life!

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Although there are many reasons why children or youth are placed in foster care in Kansas, the most common reasons are physical neglect, abuse, and substance use. Once a child is placed in foster care, KVC assigns a case manager who works with the family to identify family members and other interested parties who form a group to strategize, create a plan and coordinate care for the child, with the ultimate goal of achieving a safe and permanent home.  Our foster parents play an important role in helping children maintain relationships with their families so they can eventually reunite.

You can make a positive difference by fostering a child or teen through KVC.  By becoming a foster parent, you are opening your home to a child in need and providing a dependable, nurturing environment.  This can be a challenging task, so KVC goes to great lengths to provide families with resources and training necessary to successfully integrate a child into your home.


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