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3 Rewards of Being a Foster Parent


Being a foster parent is truly a job unlike any other. It requires skills and traits that play vital roles in the lives of children in need. But did you know that foster parenting doesn’t just benefit children? Becoming a foster parent can have a profound impact on the parents themselves. Knowing that you made a positive difference in the life of a child during a difficult time is strengthening and fulfilling. In many ways, foster parenting is a job in one of the most important professions out there – living life well! Here are just a few rewards of being a foster parent.

  1. You Get to Be an Influential Teacher

Teaching is a great way to enrich the mind of a child. The trauma that caused a child to enter foster care, such as abuse or neglect, and the further trauma a child may experience when being removed from his or her birth family can have long-lasting psychological effects. Teaching ideas and skills you are familiar with can help redirect a child’s mindset to a more positive place. And the focus doesn’t have to be on only general life skills. Do you have experience with a favorite hobby, like building models, playing music or competing in sports? Children have a natural thirst for knowledge and can benefit greatly from being engaged in this way. Plus, lessons you teach a child have the potential to influence them over a lifetime.

  1. You Get to Learn Something New Everyday

Who doesn’t like a little variety in their day? Foster parents seldom experience the same day twice. While this may be off-putting for some, it’s really a great thing! Foster parents get to interact with children and families from several different backgrounds. This opens the door to discovering new cultures, traditions and values. Plus, most parents would likely agree that you’ll be amazed at what children can teach you whether about the latest technology or insights from their perspective on the world.

  1. You Get to Grow Stronger as an Individual

Giving unconditional love to a child in need can shape you into a stronger person emotionally and spiritually. Since most placements of children in a foster home are temporary, it can be very difficult to see a child return home. Though it can be heartbreaking, the main goal of foster care is to reunite a child with his or her family. The entire process of fostering, from taking a child in to seeing them go back home, can cause a natural range of emotions to swell. Experiencing and managing these emotions makes you an all-around stronger person who feels more meaning and satisfaction in life. One KVC foster parent said, “I get to wake up every day and look at the beautiful faces of the precious children that I still get to look after. I didn’t give birth to all or most of them, but they are my family and that is always enough.” Knowing that you provided help when a child was at his or her lowest point is rewarding, uplifting and capable of providing you with lasting confidence and happiness.

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