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Archive for June, 2014:

Superheroes’ Secret Identity Revealed

Our KVC offices across Kansas have gone out in the community to educate others about how they can become Everyday Heroes.

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Shields Family At Home in Rodrock Community

Patrick and Barbie Shields needed enough space in their home not only for their two adopted children, but for the steady stream of children they care for through fostering. Stonebridge Meadows, a Darol Rodrock Community, was the perfect fit with several family-friendly amenities including playgrounds, pools, a trail system, and more.

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Happy Foster Father’s Day

Father’s day is a great day to spend time with our fathers. For those of us whose fathers are no longer with us, it is a day of cherished memories and fond moments.

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Back to School Supplies Needed

KVC Kansas works with over 3,000 children in Kansas who are currently in foster care. Each fall, KVC partners with individuals and organizations to provide the necessary supplies each child […]

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Be a Home Run Hero for a Child in Foster Care

Won’t you be a part of a life-giving and life-changing experience for yourself and for a child? Too often, children in foster care are uprooted from more than just their […]

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Training for mentors to begin June 23rd

KVC is excited to announce the launch of a new program; LIFE or Launch Into Future Excellence!  This program was designed to pair mentors in the local community with teens who are in foster […]

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Families Gather to Celebrate Overcoming Challenges

Annual Families United Celebration will honor families that have successfully reintegrated after facing significant difficulties.

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