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Archive for February, 2015:

5-Year-Old Donates Birthday Gifts to Children in Foster Care

Hadley Rowell celebrated her fifth birthday by donating her gifts to children in foster care.

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UPDATE: Suitcases from Westside Family Church

Thank you to Westside Family Church for donating over 500 suitcases to children in foster care!

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KVC Receives USDA Funding to Expand MyLink Program to 1,000 Foster Families

KVC received a grant from U.S Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utilities Service Distance Learning and Telemedicine program. This grant will supply 500 iPads to KVC foster families.

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Make a Difference in Your Own Life with Grant Baldwin

Please join us on for a time of learning and inspiration with Grant Baldwin and learn to be a “difference maker.”

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KVC Partners with The Global Orphan Project to Launch Care Portal

The Care Portal will help meet the needs of children and families KVC serves through local churches.

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Giving from the Heart

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic time of the year and billions are spent on gifts for loved ones. See how you can give a gift from the heart to a child in foster care.

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Birthday Donation

Thank you to Noah Braun and her friends and family for their generous donation of new stuffed animals for children in foster care.

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KVC’s Charitable Giving Award

Thank you to Cobalt/Medplans for your continued support of KVC.

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Suitcases from Westside Family Church

Help children in foster care by providing small to medium size suitcases, also known as rolling luggage.

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TST Tip for Families

As resource parents we can play an important role in helping our children to understand, express and regulate their emotions. Try this activity to help with emotional regulation.

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