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Archive for December, 2016:

When’s the Right Time to Become a Foster Parent?

time to become a foster parent

“Honestly, if I had a dollar for every time someone told me they thought about doing it when ‘life settled down,’ I’d be rich,” says Olathe foster parent Rachel Boese. “You can research it and think about it—but neither will prepare you for actually doing it.”

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3 Rewards of Being a Foster Parent


Did you know foster parenting doesn’t just benefit children? Here we discuss 3 of the numerous rewards of being a foster parent.

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Kansas City Chiefs’ Albert Wilson Shares Experience of Growing Up in Foster Care

KC Chiefs wide receiver Albert Wilson

Wilson spent years in the Florida foster care system, but two foster families provided the care, structure and guidance he needed.

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Fostering A Child in Kansas | First Steps

fostering a child in kansas

If you’re interested in fostering a child in Kansas, consider taking some time to learn the next steps. Here are some initial guidelines you need to know.

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