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‘KVC Has Become More Than Just My Job. They’ve Become My Family.’

case manager

Sabrina Jenkins is a Case Manager in Hiawatha and consistently makes life-changing differences in the lives of the children, teens and families she serves. She embodies one of our most important values: The heart of our work is helping people. In this story, Sabrina shares how her life was turned upside down when her grandchildren entered foster care, but soon found a new calling in life from the experience. 

When my grandchildren had to enter foster care, my husband and I agreed to take them in and provide them with a loving home. At the time, I didn’t know what foster care was, and suddenly workers from the state and KVC were visiting me and asking questions about our home and other personal details. I was initially uncomfortable with this and started to feel overwhelmed with all the “rules” involved with my grandchildren being placed in our home (known as kinship placement). 

During my first meeting with my KVC worker I found myself confused that I had to do things like get permission for traveling, go through background checks and inform KVC of any medical needs for my grandchildren. 

Fortunately, my KVC worker was very patient and kind. When they would visit my house, I put on a pot of coffee because I knew we’d be talking for a while. Over time, I found our conversations beginning to inspire me to do more to help children in need. 

I felt passionate about helping kids reintegrate back home with their families. And I wanted to make sure youth who have to enter foster care can end up with their grandparents, uncles, aunts – someone close to them. Bottom line: I just wanted to help kids stay with their families.  

I applied for a position at KVC and was brought on board as a Family Support Worker. I have since made sure youth who age out of foster care have everything that they need to be successful in adulthood. It warms my soul when I hear someone say, “This kid has been in foster care for years and has had so many different workers, but you have done so much for them.” I try to treat the youth on my case load as if they were my own. KVC has become more than just my job; KVC has become my family.  

I adopted my grandchildren with the help of KVC.  This experience along with working for KVC is my biggest accomplishment in life and has shown me that even when there is bad in the world, helping children and families in a time of crisis no matter how large or small brings overwhelming satisfaction. The connections I have made make me smile and cry tears of joy. I can’t ask for anything better. Things may get difficult at times, but at the end when I see children smile or families telling me thank you, It makes it all worth it. I love KVC, my coworkers and all my supervisors. I can’t ask for a better place to work and call my family. 

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