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KVC Kansas

Championship Fathering

On August 9, KVC celebrated three fathers in Hiawatha, KS who successfully completed the twelve week Championship Fathering group course. The fathers enjoyed an evening filled with food, music, and quality family time. Over thirty family members and supports gathered to celebrate the accomplishment of the fathers and to witness them make a public declaration of their commitment to their families.

The evening was led by group facilitator Seth Montgomery, who provided an inspirational message about the variety of experiences fathers encounter as they travel the road of parenting. Seth reminded the group that all fathers experience struggles in their parenting journey and how important it is for everyone to identify and utilize their support system. The fathers and their families also enjoyed music by Nashville, TN recording artist and song writer Andy Campbell. As Andy shared his gift, family members danced with one another and enjoyed their time together.

KVC’s Championship Fathering course is based on the book ‘Championship Fathering’ by Carey Casey, CEO of the National Center for Fathering in Kansas City. The book and accompanying curriculum developed by KVC staff focuses on the pillars of fathering, loving, coaching, and modeling.

KVC will be starting its next Championship Fathering session in the Leavenworth area in the near future.