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Fostering A Child in Kansas | First Steps

fostering a child in kansas

We shared some basic information about fostering parenting in an earlier blog post called, Are You Ready to Foster? If you are still interested in becoming a foster parent, here are some initial steps and guidelines that will help prepare you for fostering a child in Kansas.

Step 1: Ask Yourself These Questions

While some parts of the foster family training and licensing process can take awhile, there are things you can check off the list right now! A few questions you can answer immediately are:

  1. Am I 21 or older?
  2. Do I have reliable transportation?
  3. Is my home a safe environment with enough space for another child (a separate bed for each child)?
  4. Do I agree to positive parenting techniques and non-physical discipline for children?

Step 2: Consider the Financial Aspect

Worried about the cost of fostering? Don’t fret! Typically, becoming a foster parent requires little to no cost. Many people foster children on modest incomes. In addition, you will be provided with a monthly stipend as a foster parent and the state of Kansas will cover medical care for the child. You need to show that you have a stable income and that you aren’t receiving any type of financial assistance, including but not limited to food stamps, Medicaid, TANF or Section 8 Housing.

Step 3: Undergo Complete Background Checks

All foster parents in Kansas must undergo background checks to help ensure a child’s safety. The Kansas Bureau of Investigation will check your information using the Kansas Child Abuse and Neglect Information System. Everyone in your household must undergo a background check as well.

Step 4: Complete 30 Hours of Free Training

You must enroll and complete the Trauma-Informed Partnering for Safety and Permanency – Model Approach for Partnerships in Parenting (TIPS-MAPP) training. This is a ten-week course required by the state for all potential foster parents. The class will help you build skills for caring for children who have experienced neglect or abuse and, as a result, may have physical, emotional or educational difficulties. This is also a great opportunity to decide if fostering is right for you.

You will move on to the final steps to become a foster parent in Kansas after you’ve completed what’s listed above.

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