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4 Ways Donating to Children in Foster Care Benefits You

donating to children in foster care

Giving comes in many forms — such as volunteering your time or donating items or money — and is essential to making a difference in the life of a child. While we could say a lot about the great things your donations accomplish, it’s actually a two-way street. The act of giving carries many personal advantages you may not have realized. Here are ways donating to children in foster care benefits you.

  1. It Makes You Happier

Do you get more excited about giving gifts than receiving them during the holidays? Science seems to back this up, as a study from Harvard Business School found a correlation between giving and an increased sense of happiness. Another study from the National Institutes of Health found that donating stimulates the pleasure centers in our brains. Helping others and feeling happier is a win-win!

  1. It Benefits the Community Around You

When you donate to children in foster care, you’re not only helping with immediate needs but also actively building a better community. For example, youth who age out of foster care without a permanent family or home are significantly more likely than their peers to experience challenges that are costly to society. On average, for every young person who ages out of foster care, taxpayers and communities pay $300,000 in social costs like public assistance, incarceration, and lost wages to a community over that person’s lifetime. Donating to children in foster care helps put them on a path to a healthier, more successful future, leading to an overall better community.

  1. It Makes You Better at Budgeting

Donating to a 501c3 charity comes with more benefits that just a tax deduction. If you regularly make donations, you’re more likely to scrutinize your monthly budget. Donating encourages you to analyze all areas of your spending by ranking which priorities are most important to you. This also gives you the opportunity to evaluate what’s essential to you in your spending habits. If you’d like to set up recurring monthly donations with KVC, learn about our Everyday Heroes program!

  1. It Boosts Your Motivation

If you’ve found a cause that speaks to you, it’s hard to ignore it. Once you realize you can make a difference, this can motivate you to achieve more in your workplace and in your personal life. Everyone experiences times of low energy. Being reminded of how you can help others can give enough of a boost to overcome any sluggish day.

Donating to children in foster care benefits you in more ways than mentioned here. If you’re interested in helping struggling families, find out more ways to give through KVC Kansas.