How You Can Help Children & Families Through KVC

help children and families through KVC

The children and families we serve in your local community are facing serious problems. It may be mental illness, addiction, economic stress, family discord, child abuse and neglect, divorce, domestic violence, parental incarceration, the loss of loved ones, and ultimately, isolation. Our staff come alongside them with professional expertise and compassion. They help them develop a personalized plan and provide support. We help stop the cycle of childhood adversity. Please join us in helping children and families in any of the following ways:

Become a Foster or Adoptive Parent

help children and families by taking a foster parent training class

By becoming a foster parent, you have the incredible opportunity to transform a child’s life. You become the guiding light in their darkest times, offering them the care and nurture they deserve after experiencing abuse or neglect.

As you provide a safe, stable environment for a child, you will experience the immense joy that comes with seeing them heal and flourish under your guidance.

Don’t miss this opportunity to change a child’s life and experience the transformative power of fostering. Start your journey today and create a brighter future for a child in need.

Donate Money, Needed Supplies or Holiday Gifts

help children and families by donating to KVC

Your gift to KVC makes a real difference in the lives of children and families. Please consider giving in one of these ways:

  • Make a financial gift or in-kind donation to help children and families in need. Donate now. KVC is a 501c3 nonprofit so your donation is tax deductible. Find a list of accepted in-kind donations here.
  • We welcome donations of personal hygiene items, school supplies and more. Find more details below.
  • Become a Holiday Hero and make the holiday season special for youth served by KVC. 

Get Your Faith Community Involved

how churches and faith communities can support children and families

If your faith has called you to support people in your community who are experiencing hardships, there are many ways you and your religious congregation can help. Whether you’re impacting one person or a hundred people, your dedication and support is important. See how you and your congregation can help Kansas children and families in need through KVC. Learn more.


volunteer to help children and families

If you want to help but don’t know where to begin, choose to positively impact a child’s life by volunteering at KVC. When you volunteer, you’ll make a difference in your community and contribute to the wellbeing of the countless children and families in need. Whether you want to assist with programs, events or other fulfilling experiences, we eagerly welcome all volunteers to join our mission. Explore KVC’s volunteer opportunities.

Advocate For Children and Families

help children and families in kansas

Children and families experiencing foster care, mental health challenges, addiction and ultimately isolation feel marginalized, unheard, and overlooked, which can exacerbate their struggles. Advocates play a crucial role in providing support and assistance by raising awareness, amplifying their voices, and pushing for change. They serve as a vital bridge, connecting children and families to a network of support that offers valuable resources, education, and more. Through their tireless efforts, advocates help create a supportive environment where these children and families can access the help they need to overcome obstacles and thrive. Get the info you need to advocate for children and families here.