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3 Ways Volunteering Helps You and Your Health

About a year ago, best friends Judy Harwig and Judy Sisco decided they wanted to get involved in their community. They had a knack for looking after children and wanted to put their skills towards a valuable cause. “The Judys,” as they are known, have been a huge help by watching children while the children’s foster parents are in training.

“We’re both retired, and we wanted to get out of the house more. So, we decided to start volunteering.” – Judy Harwig

Not only does volunteering help others, it has many personal benefits you may not be aware of. Here are 3 ways volunteering helps you!

Volunteering Improves Your Health

Volunteering helps you get healthier! A study from the Corporation for National & Community Service found that those who volunteer have lower mortality rates, lower rates of depression and a greater ability to complete daily activities. Among older adults, another study by the Harvard School of Public Health discovered that volunteers tend to spend 38 fewer nights in the hospital than those who don’t volunteer. On top of this, volunteering tends to get you moving around, allowing you to get exercise while you’re working toward a great cause. And it can build your stamina, decrease stress and lead to an overall better quality of life – what’s there to lose?

Volunteering Develops Your Skill Set

Volunteering gives you a chance to use your unique skills in a creative, satisfying way. Enjoy teaching? Playing music? Building things? Good at finances? There are just about as many types of volunteering as there are jobs. You can be creative in whichever way you choose to help out – you don’t have to always swing a hammer to be considered a volunteer. Plus, volunteering lets you improve on the things you’re already good at!

Volunteering Lets You See the World

When we talk about “seeing the world,” it’s often times in reference to taking a vacation. At home and abroad, there are many opportunities out there that will allow you to see the world in a different light. Volunteering is a great way to meet new, amazing people who could make a lasting impact on your life. By coming together with others to improve a community, you will create lasting memories you’ll be eager to tell family and friends.

KVC is always looking for volunteers to help with different events throughout the year. We are a nonprofit organization serving thousands of children and families with in-home family support and behavioral healthcare, family reunification services, relative care, foster care and adoption. Have a creative way you’d like to volunteer? Let us know about it!