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KVC Kansas

Families Enjoy a Weekend of Fun and Learning at the 2017 KVC Resource Family Conference

Hundreds of children, teens and foster parents came together for a weekend of learning and fun at KVC Kansas’s 18th Resource Family Conference (RFC). The gathering took place March 31-April 1 in Overland Park, Kansas. This was a great training opportunity for kinship, foster and adoptive families who are caring for children dctemporarily in foster care due to abuse, neglect, parental drug use or other family challenges.

Resource families, a term which includes foster and adoptive parents and relatives, heard from guest speaker Derek Clark and participated in training on various topics. Children enjoyed fun activities including games, movies and more.

Thanks to All the Sponsors and Donors Who Made this Possible!

AMC Movies
Young Advisory Board
Redemption Plus
Tom and Cynthia Ryan
Mark and Renny Arensberg
The Monogram Shop
Bella Bliss
Community America

More Caring Adults Needed

There is an urgent need for more adults to become foster families in Kansas and across the nation. Foster parenting is one of the most meaningful ways to help children and teens who have experienced abuse, neglect and other family challenges. It not only helps a child or teen; the experience also adds rich meaning and depth to the foster parent’s life. Many kinds of people can qualify to become a foster parent whether married or single, working outside the home or at home, owning or renting a home, and with children already or not. KVC provides free training, 24/7 support, and camaraderie through events such as the Resource Family Conference. Learn more about free foster parent training classes starting soon in your area.

About KVC Kansas

KVC Kansas is a private, nonprofit child welfare and behavioral healthcare organization. As the lead contractor for the Kansas Department for Children and Families’ Kansas City Metro and East Regions, KVC is responsible for more than half of all children and families served by the Kansas child welfare system. Services include case management, in-home family support and behavioral healthcare, family reunification services, relative care, foster care and adoption. KVC believes that “Children can’t wait” and has helped Kansas achieve national leadership in child welfare standards set by the federal Children and Family Service review; outcomes that ensure child safety, permanency and wellbeing. Learn more at