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Parents Embrace Change, Safely Reunite with Daughters After Foster Care [VIDEO]

Family safely reunites

All families face challenges, and sometimes those challenges can impact a family’s ability to safely stay together. Kassi and Michael are the parents of two young girls; a ten-year-old and a nine-year-old who has special needs. Both parents felt overwhelmed with finances, relationships and making sure their daughters’ needs were being met. A court decision was made to remove the girls from the home and have a family member care for them while Kassi and Michael learned healthy skills to help them manage stress and be successful, both as individuals and as parents, so that they could safely reunite with the girls and create a better life for their family.

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Even though they encountered many challenges on their journey toward reunifying their family, Kassi and Michael were committed to making a change. Through their own hard work and with the support of KVC professionals, the girls were able to safely return home. KVC provided aftercare services to ensure the family continued to succeed. Michael recalls his first meeting with Bailey Grey, a KVC Intensive In-Home Therapist. “She wasn’t focused on filling out paperwork or telling us what we needed to do. She genuinely wanted to get to know us and build a relationship. She made me feel like I mattered.”

Kassi and Michael’s family is now stronger than ever and they have found great support from their church to help them face any challenges that lie ahead. Both parents are passionate about helping other families involved in the child welfare system succeed and hope their story can be a source of hope and encouragement.

Watch this video to hear more of Michael and Kassi’s story: 

Through our partnership with the Kansas Department for Children and Families, KVC was able to help safely reunify 1,030 children with their 635 families after being in Kansas foster care last year. We are proud to play a role in strengthening Kansas families and coming alongside them during their time of crisis. We applaud the hardworking families that have achieved reunification or are currently working toward it. Learn more about our reintegration and aftercare services, watch more success story videos or read how KVC has helped strengthen families in multiple states.

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