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Why Youth in Foster Care Are Vulnerable to Human Trafficking and How Caregivers Can Protect Them

foster care and human trafficking

The sad reality is that there is a link between the foster care system and human trafficking. Any advocate of children, especially foster parents, need to be aware of the ways children in foster care are more susceptible to being trafficked.

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KVC Employee Shares Her Amazing Experiences as a Foster Parent

foster mom

In this moving story, one KVC employee and foster mom shares some of her experiences as a caregiver to children in need. Read how it has changed her life!

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KVC Pilot Aims to Bring Children in Foster Care “Safely Home” More Timely

safely home

Recently, KVC Kansas began a pilot initiative called Safely Home that’s intended to reunite low-risk families with their children in a more timely manner.

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Child or Teen Need Counseling? Here Are Two Great Places to Start


If your child or teen is experiencing issues such as low self-esteem or other behavioral issues, counselors are great resources for resolving these concerns.

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Flu Season Prevention

Stay healthy during the flu season by following some of these practical strategies.

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Keeping Teens Safe On Line

Social media is a convenient way to keep up with friends, family, and connect people with similar interests. It can also be a quick access point for children in care to connect with negative influences, inappropriate peers and adults, and fall victim to exploitation.

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National Runaway Prevention Month

November is National Runaway Prevention Month. See tips on how to keep youth safe.

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10 Halloween Safety Tips

10 ways to have a safe and fun Halloween.

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6 Strategies to Stop and Prevent Bullying

Bullying is a problem in schools and communities. It’s important for parents to learn strategies to keep children safe.

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Health Professionals Gather for Child Trauma Training

Social workers, health professionals and nonprofit organizations gathered to learn about childhood traumatic stress.

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