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KVC Kansas

2014 Resource Family Conference

KVC is excited to welcome foster families from all over Kansas to Kansas City for a weekend of learning, growth and fun!  Our keynote speaker for the 2014 Resource Family Conference will be country singer, Jimmy Wayne.  Wayne grew up in North Carolina and spent several years in and out of the foster care system.  By 16, he found himself living on the streets until he met a family who gave him a new outlook on life.  “If the Costner’s hadn’t stepped up and given me a home, I would not have survived,” Wayne says. “Every good thing that has happened for me I owe to them taking a chance on a long haired, tattooed kid. The day I rode my bike by their place, and stopped and asked if they had any work I could do was a turning point in my life.”  To find out more about KVC’s Resource Family Conference, click here!