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KVC Kansas

Did You Know? KVC Resources and Supplies

KVC offers many resources for children in foster care and their foster parents.  Below is a list of different resources offered:

  • Resource closet.  Many KVC offices have their own resource closet with items that have been donated from individuals or community groups.  These items may include clothes in a variety of sizes, school supplies, prom dresses, toys and kitchen items. If you need to access your local resource/clothing closet or have items you wish to donate, contact the Community Resource Specialist in your area.


  • Community Resource Specialist.  Each region has a Community Resource Specialist (CRS).  The Community Resource Specialists provide community resources for foster parents, recruit foster/adoptive parents, assist with fundraising and help increase awareness of KVC’s mission.


  • First Night Bags.  First night bags donated to KVC may contain pajamas, a toothbrush, hygiene items, a small toy, night light and blanket, but not all bags will be the same.  These are provided for new placements and can be obtained from the child’s case manager or the foster family’s Family Service Coordinator (FSC).


  • Welcome Box.  Welcome Boxes are donated from area churches and community groups and are age and gender specific.  The box usually contains hygiene items, snacks, a coloring book, small toy or activity book.  If available, these can be obtained from the child’s case manager or the foster family’s FSC.


  • School Supplies.  At the start of the school year, children in kindergarten through grade 12, will receive a backpack with some basic school supplies.  School supplies are donated from individuals and church and community organizations.  These are distributed by the child’s case manager.


  • Holiday Gifts.  Each year KVC secures holiday gift donations for children in foster care.  KVC  encourages individuals and groups to participate through our Adopt an Angel program.  A wish list for a specific child can be provided for you to shop for gifts for that child, or you can donate gift cards or new toys.  Gift bags are delivered to the children in foster care after they are received prior to the holidays.


  • Additional Community Resources.  KVC sometimes receives donations of tickets for sporting events or other specific items.  When KVC receives these donations, they are provided to foster families through their Family Service Coordinators.