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KVC Kansas

KVC Kansas Celebrates Social Work Month

The month of March was Social Work Month and KVC spent it spotlighting and celebrating our workers.  From shoutouts on Facebook, to March Madness watch parties, to jeans day every Friday.  We interviewed our workers to see what they enjoy most about their work and they gave advice for those interested in becoming social workers. We also treated some of the employees to an ice cream social.  KVC appreciates our workers and all the hard work they do daily to help the children and families we serve.

Each and everyone of our workers are dedicated to improving the lives of the children and families we serve.  We would like to introduce you to a few of our great staff members.

Trenton Rabbit

Trenton RabbitTrenton is a Family Support Worker from the Topeka office. Trenton has done an excellent job of jumping into his position as Family Support Worker with both feet. He accomplishes tasks in a timely manner and makes connections with the clients on his caseload. Those who have the pleasure of working with him can trust him to follow through on the task at hand. Thank you for your dedication and hard work Trenton!

Kari Epperson

Kari EppersonKari is a Family Support Worker in the Pittsburg office. Kari always goes above and beyond her duties by assisting in training new hires and always being willing to assist with various tasks when asked. Kari is a team player who is passionate about working with children and families to help them achieve their permanency goals. She treats each family with the respect they deserve, and she works every day knowing she is making a difference. Kari is solution-focused and maintains professionalism with her clients, peers and other professionals. Thank you Kari for your passion and for being a valued member of our team!

Bailey Legrand 

Bailey LagrandBailey is a Foster Family Worker in our Parsons office. Bailey is able to understand complex placement issues and insights into the barriers that children and families face. Bailey’s expertise in mental health helps children thrive in their foster home and community. Bailey demonstrates sound judgment, an enthusiastic outlook, commitment, and dependability while working with others to accomplish tasks. Her sense of humor, kind heart and follow-through are deeply appreciated by her supervisor. Without reservation, Bailey is committed to the sustainability of her foster families for the benefit of safety, wellbeing, and permanency. Thank you Bailey for the incredible work you do for children and families.

Brenda Soto

Brenda SotoBrenda is a Outpatient Supervisor in Olathe. Brenda’s supervisor says “I don’t think I’ve ever had a colleague who says “yes” more than Brenda does. I’ve tried to take responsibilities off of her plate and move things around, but she’s so concerned about other people that she’d rather take it on herself. She has great respect for everyone she works with and shows it by taking a genuine interest in others’ lives both in and out of work. Brenda is constantly giving back to the field by providing clinical supervision hours to other departments and still makes time to keep her 14 direct report staff happy and supported.” Thank you Brenda for your passion and for all of your hard work!

Cara Smith 

Cara SmithCara is a therapeutic case worker in Leavenworth! Cara has worked with KVC since June 2013 and is described by her supervisor as “very caring and responsive to her clients needs. She is organized in the way she gets her documentation completed and is very thorough with her assessments. Cara routinely volunteers to assist co-workers and is fun, energetic and always participates in team building activities.” Thank you Cara for the wonderful work you do to help children and families, and the positivist you bring to our organization!

We are extremely proud and grateful for all of the exceptional staff we have working at KVC! If you are interested in joining our innovative, effective and compassionate team, visit our careers page and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for news and event updates.