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Case Managers Share Heartwarming Gifts From Kids

Case managers face many challenges at their jobs. However, working with children is always rewarding. One positive is the gifts children make or the pictures they draw for the adults in their lives. Case managers treasure these gifts and proudly display them in their offices.

J. Pagan case managers picture


One of my first kiddos made this for me. She was the youngest of a sibling set of three. They were referred on December 23rd, two days before Christmas. That was a Christmas they will remember forever. My heart goes out to all our kiddos but, this family I will remember forever. Eventually I hope to frame this picture and keep it as a reminder of why I do this work. – Joseph Pagan, Permanency Case Manager




Misty case managers picture


I had a kiddo write a book, for a school project, and included me in the title. His aunt bought a copy for me and the kiddo gave it to me a few weeks ago. I absolutely love it!  – Misty Schaefer, Therapist






L Sharp case managers picture



I have a folder of pictures and drawings that kids give me and I keep it in my drawer. I also save/print nice emails and notes from kids/families. – Lindsey Sharp, Case Manager







These are the drawings which express love and gratitude from the children and their families that I have served throughout the many years of employment at KVC. I’ve got my whole office filled with drawings from my kiddos. – Teresa Lora, Receptionist


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Ms. T case managers pictures

Ms T case managers picture


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