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Fun Family Valentine’s Projects That Help You Bond and Cope With Stressors

family valentine's projects

Valentine’s Day—the fun, quirky holiday that often brings out the best in our relationships. Even if it can cause a flurry for the spouse searching for last minute flowers or the parent who forgot about the class card exchange, it also reminds us to celebrate love.

As a parent, caregiver or someone who works with kids, holidays, and even everyday activities, can take on many different meanings. So, whether you’re a regular Cupid or think that Valentine’s day is a bit of a mid-winter hassle, it’s a great opportunity to make memories and start unforgettable traditions.

When you look at Valentine’s Day through the eyes of a child, it’s easier to see how the day can be about fun. And with some pre-organized family activities, you can find authentic ways to connect, build strong relationships, and cope with any current stressors.

Family Valentine’s Projects

Making the day special can be as simple as writing little Valentine notes to your kids, hanging up heart-shaped decorations, or enjoying candy hearts and chocolate. When kids are school-aged, they might have some type of celebration at school where it quickly becomes a funny topic for kids to talk about, even if they don’t understand romantic love yet. It’s a great opportunity to teach them the beauty and importance of celebrating all types of love—romantic, familial, friendship or other special relationships.

Planning a fun family activity is a great way to make the holiday feel special and it gives you time to bond through a new family tradition. Activities can also be very therapeutic and stress relieving, especially for kids who could use an excuse to take a break from homework or other stressors.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, consider doing activities like baking, painting or crafting as a family. You could bake cupcakes or a cake with red and pink sprinkles, heart-shaped cookies, or something simple like chocolate-dipped strawberries. Depending on how old your kids are, they can help you in the baking process or you can let them decorate the treats.

family valentine's project

Another classic Valentine’s activity is to help your child make valentines to exchange with classmates, siblings or friends. This offers a great opportunity to encourage kids to say nice things about others and teaches them that expressing feelings is a good thing.

Beyond baking or making valentines, there are all sorts of fun arts and crafts to choose from. Some simple options include:

  • Painting, glitter gluing or drawing on heart-shaped ornaments to hang up
  • Making a chain of paper hearts, a wreath of hearts or a banner to hang up
  • Making necklaces or bracelets with heart-shaped beads
  • Playing simple heart-themed games

A quick Google or Pinterest search will give you plenty of ideas for activities for kids of any age. Also, you don’t have to go overboard with preparation. There are many simple activities you can do that still make the day a little bit more special than the rest.

Valentine’s Day 2021: Tie-Dye Is Back

If you haven’t heard, tie-dye is making a comeback! If you’re looking for a craft that will be popular with your kids this year, tie-dyeing either paper valentines or t-shirts (with a heart-shaped design, of course!) is fun for all ages.

Paper valentines allow your kids to give cool, unique valentines to their friends. And if you tie-dye a t-shirt, hat or other clothing, you and your kids will come out of the day with a new item to wear and always remind you of the time you spent together.

Tie-dyeing paper valentines is a little simpler than tie-dyeing clothes, only requiring some Sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol with a few other optional supplies. Check out this link, outlining the materials and steps to make tie-dyed valentines.

Making tie-dyed shirts — or sheets or shoes — isn’t too difficult, though it does require a fabric tie-dye kit, fabric markers, and any materials you need to cover the table or workspace to keep it clean. This link provides a tutorial on how to tie-dye a t-shirt with a heart on it, perfect for a Valentine’s Day craft.

A Chance to Connect and Heal 

At KVC Kansas, we emphasize that there are so many ways to help your children thrive. Because we know that creative expression is helpful for kids who struggle to open up and talk about feelings, we encourage families to take advantage of opportunities to get creative together. So, while crafting on Valentine’s Day might not seem like a significant way to help your child’s mental health or build a relationship with them, it actually is a really simple way to achieve both of those things.

However you choose to make Valentine’s Day special, it’s important to remember that any activity or craft you might choose to do with your kids is not about the holiday and about spending quality time and offering your kids a chance to create something with you.

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