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‘Our Two Families Became One’: Fostering Leads to Adoption and a Lifelong Relationship

foster adoption
foster adoption

Jamie and her son Odin

Jamie Kelsey is a Foster Parent Trainer for KVC Kansas. In her role, she provides essential support to foster families. In this story, Jamie shares how feeling called to foster led to a new career, adopting and a lifelong relationship with her son’s biological mother.

foster adoption

Odin on National Adoption Day

In 2016, my husband and I felt called to become foster parents and make a difference in the lives of children going through difficult times. We wanted to encourage youth who had entered foster care to reunify with their parents, and If possible, grow our family through adoption.  After we took the classes and became licensed, we received a call in May 2016 to care for a two-year-old boy. We emphatically said “Yes!”  

Suddenly our world was turned upside down. While some days were expectedly more difficult than others, we instantly had a connection with him. After he was in our home for a while, he started to receive visits from his biological mom who we also had an instant connection with, and it was clear that he meant the world to her. 

The next several months were challenging and emotional at times, but we maintained a co-parenting environment with his mom to ensure a smooth transition back to her home. We thought that reunification was on the horizon because of all her hard work.  

One day she asked us out to lunch before her next visit. She let us know that she wanted us to adopt him. Of course, we gave a tearful Yes! Adoption day came in August of 2018.  

foster adoption

Odin’s biological mother, Odin and Jamie

His mother continues to thrive, and we have continued our tradition of meeting up for lunch and playdates as often as we can. I feel like our two families became one. I have always felt deep gratitude to KVC for its support through the process, and for making my new expanded family possible. When I  got the opportunity to join KVC’s family last February, it just felt right! I’m now a Foster Parent Trainer for KVC Kansas Metro region. I’m so glad to not only have grown my family at home but be a part of the KVC family now as well! 

How You Can Help

In the Kansas foster care system, more foster parents are needed than ever before. The most significant way you can help is by becoming a foster parent. If you’re interested, we’d love to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process. Click here to contact us!

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