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KVC Kansas

Eagle Scout Donates Bicycles to KVC


Garrett with all 24 completed bikes

17-year-old Garrett Offutt of Fontana, Kansas has a very big heart for helping other children.  As a youth who was previously in foster care, he can relate with many of the feelings and emotions that children in foster care go through.

Several months ago, his foster brother’s bike broke. Garrett helped fix it and discovered a new talent and hobby. He put these new skills to use immediately to help other children in his community.

Garrett started scouts when he was in the first grade and now, as an Eagle Scout, wanted to continue to grow. For his Eagle Scout capstone project, he organized and supervised a work day with thirteen volunteers to work on bikes.

Dale Dollar of the Bicycle Doctor helps repair a bike for a youth in foster care

Dale Dollar of the Bicycle Doctor helps repair a bike for a youth in foster care

They fixed up 24 bikes, which were donated by friends and neighbors to give to youth in foster care in his community. Necessary parts for the bikes were donated by Dale Dollar, Bike America and Turner Bicycle. Dale Dollar from the Bicycle Doctor was kind enough to participate in the work day.

Garrett understands that many foster families might not be able to buy new bikes for the children in their homes and he thought, “this would be a great project to help other children in foster care”. Garrett hopes to continue to collect bikes to provide for even more children in foster care.

Check out our donate page to find ways to help a child or family in need.