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KVC Kansas

Rhea Lana Gives

Paying it forward, is what Consignment Event Venue, Rhea Lana, does every time they donate unsold items to KVC.  Rhea Lana is a consignment event venue that sells gently used youth clothing and accessories in 23 states. After each sale, vendors have the option to donate unsold items to a local non profit organization.

This past week Rhea Lana of Leavenworth- Platte City provided KVC foster families free items for the children placed in their homes.  Foster families were able to “shop” at the Pittsburg KVC Office and leave with bags of clothes and accessories for the children in foster care.

Rhea Lana- Pitt“My consigners really love the mission behind KVC and love to support the foster families by donating their unsold items”

Sarah Golden, Owner Rhea Lana’s of Leavenworth- Platte City

On behalf of KVC and the KVC foster families thank you Sarah Golden and the Rhea Lana family for your donations.

Want to find a Rhea Lana consignment event near you? Visit  Rhea Lana