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What Happens After Permanency?

Submitted by Kellie Hans Reid, LPC


It is KVC’s goal to find forever homes for all children served. Each year KVC helps  over 1,500 children  achieve permanency.  Permanency is when a child is placed with a permanent family, this includes biological family, custodian or adoptive family. It is truly a wonderful day when a child can exit the foster care system and go home to a loving caregiver, but what happens next?

KVC’s Intensive In-Home Services, otherwise known as “Aftercare,” provides intensive in-home therapy to children and their families who have reintegrated, taken custodianship, or adopted. These services assure the safety and stability of the placement for the child and assist all family members in obtaining identified services through the network of community providers to improve family functioning. At KVC, more than 92 percent of children who enter foster care and return home will remain at home with the help of the Aftercare Program.  The national average is 67 percent.

Intensive In-Home Services/Aftercare Program provides home-based therapy services and support for up to twelve months following the achievement of permanency.  Each family is assigned an Intensive In-Home Therapist who is a licensed master’s level social worker, marriage and family therapist or professional counselor and is trained to provide services tailored to fit the specific needs of the family.  The Intensive In-Home Therapist and family develop mutually agreed-upon goals that detail services and expectations during this period. These goals are reviewed and revised, as needed, during the Aftercare period.  In order to help families achieve their goals, Intensive In-Home therapists use a variety of evidence-based practices, including Parent Management Training and Trauma Systems Therapy. This helps families achieve positive, long lasting outcomes.

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Kellie Hans Reid, LPC, has a Masters degree in Couples and Family Therapy and has worked for KVC for over 6 years providing therapeutic services to children and families.  She has served as the Director of Intensive In-Home Services for the last 2 years  and is committed to keeping children safe and enhancing family functioning.