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KVC Kansas

Winter Weather Safety

As temperatures begin to drop and wintry conditions increase, safety thoughts transition to staying warm and maneuvering the icy roads. Keep in mind leaving children in cars is not just a summer concern, it is still a serious issue in the winter months.  Please remember do not leave children unattended in vehicles.  Though children are not directly exposed to snow and wind chill they are still at risk for hypothermia if left in unattended vehicles.

KVC is committed to the safety of all children. Here is what you can do to keep children safe:

  •  NEVER leave children alone in a car, even briefly. No exceptions.
  • Always check the front and back seats of the car before you lock it and leave.
  • See a child alone in a car? Call 911 immediately. Get them out ASAP if they are in distress.
  • Put your purse, briefcase, or something else you need by the car seat so you don’t forget to check.
  • Always lock your car when it’s empty so kids can’t get in without you knowing.
  • Educate other parents about this danger, and share these tips frequently.