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KVC Kansas

Keeping Children Close to Home

Did you know that if you are a Non-Related Kinship placement (NRKIN) once you receive your full license you can amend your license?  Then you can help provide care and be placement options for other children in foster care.

A NRKIN is a placement option willing to become a licensed foster home to care for a specific child in DCF custody. The person or family is familiar with the child or the birth family and would like to provide a home for the child until they can be reintegrated or other permanency options are determined. This person should be willing to partner with KVC and the child’s case manager to facilitate the goals of the child’s case plan.

NRKIN placements keep children in their current communities, in their current schools and around familiar faces. For more information on how to become a NRKIN placement contact Ruby Dye at or call 913.956.5282.