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Unstoppable Mom Does Whatever It Takes to Reunify With Her Son After Foster Care

Gabriella, an unstoppable mom, did whatever it took to reunify with her son after foster care. Now she empowers parents just like her with advocacy, mentorship and leadership through KVC.

Embark on a journey of resilience, redemption and healing with Gabriella. Read how she overcame adversity to reunify with her son after foster care and how she now dedicates her life to empowering parents and families involved with child welfare through advocacy, mentorship and leadership.

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What I’ve Learned From Working With Parents in the Child Welfare System

child welfare system

Nearly 60% of Kansas children in state custody are safely reunited with their families, and the determination and success of these parents is something to be celebrated.

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More Families Being Reunified in Kansas Following Foster Care

Due to the work of the Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF), KVC and other partnership agencies, nearly 60 percent of children in state custody are reintegrated back with their families.

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Keeping Children Close to Home

NRKIN placements keep children in their current communities, in their current schools and around familiar faces.

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Be Royal KVC

KVC Kansas is proud to support James Shields and the Kansas City Royals.

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The Hardest Thing Foster Parents Do is Completely Worth It

Hear from a current KVC foster parent about the difficult days that come with opening your home to a child in need.

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20 Resources that Adoptive Families Should Know About

Are you an adoptive parent? Check out these websites and books made just for families like you!

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Families united after difficult chapter

Families and their children who were reunited in the past year were invited to celebrate their accomplishments at a recent Families United gathering.

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