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KVC Kansas

KVC’s Johnson County Office Goes Paperless With Help From Laserfiche

KVC’s Johnson County, Kan. office has implemented a pilot study involving a new way to store and organize children’s case files called Laserfiche. This program has helped streamline important documents and information while allowing our organization to become more environmentally friendly. Paper copies of children’s case files used to be stored in six-inch wide green binders, and some children had as many as 13 binders. Now, thanks to Laserfiche, those files are digitally stored securely within the program. As new files arrive through email, they are saved directly into Laserfiche using the Laserfiche- Microsoft Outlook integration. Any new files arriving by hard copy are scanned into the system and organized.

Documents are stored in a folder structure that replicates the green binder organizational system:



Laserfiche has helped streamline work at KVC in many different ways:

  • Documents for audits are automatically copied into the Audit folder so workers don’t have to spend days manually looking through binders.
  • Laserfiche can be accessed by authorized users such as state auditors, judges, and attorneys.
  • Case Workers no longer have to haul the heavy green binders to court. They simply log into the system and have access to all the case files.
  • Finding information is faster and easier for case managers, which frees up their time and resources to better serve children and families.

Lindsey Stephenson, Director of Integrated Services says “Implementing Laserfiche has saved us staff time when filing and auditing. The ability for workers to look things up in a file within seconds has also been extremely advantageous to the work we do.”