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Becoming A Foster Parent: Questions About The Training

In this three-part blog series, we are answering some of the most frequently asked questions about becoming a foster parent. Part one discussed the process for becoming a foster parent. Part two will discuss questions about the foster or adoptive parent pre-service program, TIPS-MAPP.

Q: I/My spouse works different times every week and may not be able to attend the scheduled TIPS-MAPP classes. What should we do?

A: The TIPS-Deciding Together (TIPS-DT) training is deigned to accommodate families with rotating shifts (over the road truck drivers, medical personnel, first responders, etc.) or families living in very rural areas.  It can be used with one to three families in homes or at another location.  The leader will schedule seven consultations (meetings) with your family, at least seven days apart at a mutually agreeable location and time.  Your family will have workbooks to complete in between each of the consultations.   If you need more than seven days to complete a workbook, the schedule can be adjusted.  Contact a Community Resource Specialist for more information on TIPS-DT classes.

Q: Can fostering a child lead to adoption?

A: It may, but the first goal for children in foster care is reunification with their biological family. When a child’s parental rights have been terminated and a child is legally free for adoption, 89 percent of the time children are adopted by their foster parents.

Q: Is every adult in the home required to complete training?

A: All adults residing in the home (age 18 years and older) who will participate in the parenting and care of children are required to take TIPS-MAPP together. This does include your adult children in the home who will spend a significant amount of time with the children. If you have biological children in your home who are in college and/or working full-time who will not be spending much time with the children, they do not need to attend the meetings. They may be invited to attend a class or the MAPP panel.

Q: Is there a shorter training option than 10 weeks?

A: In Kansas, the 10-week TIPS-MAPP program is required and helpful for preparation and selection of the role, fostering or adoption, that is best for your family. This pre-service program is designed to assist a family in making an informed decision on whether or not they have the necessary parenting strengths to meet the needs of children who have experienced the trauma of abuse and/or neglect.

If you have questions about the the first placement in your home after completing the training, read the third article in our three-part blog series: Becoming a Foster Parent: Questions About Your First Placement

Learn more about how to become a foster parent in Kansas or contact a Community Resource Specialist in your area.

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