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Family Support Services Help Single Mother Overcome Obstacles

Family Support Services Help Single Mother Overcome Obstacles

Submitted by Julie Jennings, Family Preservation Aftercare Specialist with KVC Kansas.

Anna is a single mother with 5-year-old twin girls. She was employed full-time but could not afford safe, reliable childcare. The house Anna and her girls lived in was in bad shape and needed major repairs. The stress of inadequate finances, childcare, housing and family overwhelmed Anna and she began using marijuana and methamphetamine.

She was referred to KVC for drug and alcohol outpatient counseling and completed it successfully. KVC staff helped the family relocate into brand new low-income housing. Anna also earned a promotion at work and enrolled her girls in kindergarten. The family successfully completed family preservation services, preventing the need for foster care. They are now thriving thanks to the support they received during a difficult time.

Children belong with their own families whenever safely possible. Our family preservation services are provided in family homes to make them convenient, accessible and in the environment where change is needed. Crisis management, in-home therapy and skill-building, and connecting family needs with community resources are key components. Learn more about our family preservation and reintegration services.

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