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Family Reunification | Couple Brings Children Home with Help from Loving Foster Parents [Video]

family reunification

All families go through tough times. When parents face adversity and toxic stress due to traumatic experiences, they may be unable to care for their children. In some cases, a court decision is made to remove the children from the home and place them with a relative, familiar caregiver or foster family while the parents receive support from caring professionals, giving them time to work on skills to safely reunify with their children.

Ashley and Sean found themselves experiencing hurdle after hurdle and began to have problems with substance use. As a result, their children had to enter foster care. While working toward a safe reunification, they formed a wonderful bond with the foster parents who were looking after their children. After recovering, they were able to safely reunite with their children, and they remain very close with the foster parents, describing their relationship as “One family under two houses.”

Since reunifying, they’ve celebrated a wedding, new jobs and a new baby boy! Ashley and Sean are active in KVC support groups for other parents going through what they did and have given several motivational community presentations on how to overcome hardship. Learn more about Ashley and Sean’s moving story in the video below.

Watch their story!

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