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Did You Know?

Did you know that Babe Ruth was in foster care? On June 13, 1902, George Herman Ruth took his seven year-old son George Jr. to St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys and signed over custody to the Jesuit Missionaries. George, Jr. was a mischievous young boy and quickly discovered that the baseball field provided a positive outlet for his youthful energy. Young George Ruth, Jr. displayed his potential at a very young age, playing all positions on the field and demonstrating superb hitting talent. By his late teens Ruth was a major league prospect. On February 27, 1914, at the age of nineteen, Ruth signed with Jack Dunn of the Baltimore Orioles. Jack Dunn was well known for picking up young talent. When George Ruth, Jr. appeared with Dunn at the ballpark the players quipped, “Here’s Jack’s newest Babe.” The nick name stuck and thus began the fabled career of Babe Ruth, ball player and foster child.

This information was published by San Mar Children’s Homs, Foster Care and Adoption Services and can be located at Treatment Foster Care Famous Foster Kids.