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20 Free Summer Fun Activities for Children and Families

Summer vacation is here and children and youth are ready to relax! Here is a list of ideas for some free summer activities to enjoy as a family.

  1. Join the summer reading program at your local library.
  2. Plant some herbs or vegetables in a pot and help them grow.
  3. Have a water play day at home.
  4. Camp inside or outside in your own backyard.
  5. Explore Geocatching in your area.
  6. Visit a local farmer’s market and learn about a new fruit or vegetable.
  7. Look on-line for free places for children to eat in your community.
  8. Volunteer as a family in your community to help others.
  9. Spend the day at an area park.
  10. Make some cards and share them with shut-in neighbors or people in a nursing home.
  11. Hold a game day and play several board games you haven’t played in a while or make up a game of your own.
  12. Exercise together.  Go for a walk, play catch, shoot baskets or kick the soccer ball around.
  13. Have a family talent show.
  14. Spend time bird watching and learn more about the birds in your area.
  15. Celebrate science and do some simple experiments at home as a family.
  16. Research a recipe from another country and make a special dish or a meal.
  17. Have a movie or cartoon marathon on a rainy day with lemonade and popcorn.
  18. Attend a cultural event of community festival in your area.
  19. Fix a picnic lunch and eat at the park or in your backyard.
  20. Research free museum days or other attraction in your community.