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Decision to Foster Leads Couple to Adoption

couple to adoption

*This story was received during our 2016 summer story contest by Carol Marnell, Family Service Coordinator for KVC Kansas.carol-marnell

For my husband Kyle and I, the decision to become foster parents was an easy one. We both believed that parenting was one of the best gifts we could share with each other, and we could give children in need the love, safety and structure they deserved during a difficult time. After some serious discussion, we contacted a recruiter, completed the training and became a licensed foster home in no time. We provided foster care for a few children in our home, and not long after, Kyle and I felt that we were being called to adopt.

We adopted a set of siblings and believed our family was complete. God must have been laughing at this thought because we welcomed three more youth into our home and eventually adopted them. Five years after the adoptions were finalized, all of our children were in college and I still felt a desire to help as many children as I could. I discovered that the best way I could do that was to work as a Family Service Coordinator for KVC.

My husband and I know first-hand that children fill a home with love, and love is a powerful guiding force that can overcome any obstacle. I truly feel like my family and I are living “happily ever after.”

Everyone needs and deserves the stability and support that a family can provide. If you or a family you know are interested in adopting, visit our website to meet children in need of a forever home and consider these benefits of adopting an older child from foster care. If you are ready to take the first step toward becoming a foster or adoptive parent, contact a Community Resource Specialist near you!

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