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How You Can Help Children in Foster Care from Home

Help Youth in Foster Care from Home

As COVID-19 forces many into isolation, it’s understandable if you are experiencing anxiety and helplessness as a result. While studies show that getting out and helping others can be very beneficial to mental health, doing so is made much more difficult during this time. Did you know there are still several great ways to help others without leaving your house?

In particular, foster homes greatly need support from the community. More than 7,500 Kansas youth are in foster care, and this pandemic has been adding strain to an already overly-stressed system. Here are several ways you can help youth in foster care from home.


  • Make a video of yourself for us to put on our YouTube page. We will make a playlist of all the videos we receive and will send them to our foster families to help them entertain the children in their care. Know a dance you can teach? Great! Got a book to read to kids? Wonderful! The possibilities here are endless.
  • Read to a child over Skype. Not interested in recording a video of yourself reading a book but still looking for that connection? This is the option for you!
  • Make a gift or goody bag for us to take to a child. Use your creative side to make something personalized for a child in care. We’ll handle the delivery!

If you’re interested in any of the options above or have your own creative ideas, visit our Volunteer page to let us know or contact Emily Wheeler, our volunteer coordinator, at


Donations can accomplish wonderful things for children and families in need during this time. Some families may be finding it more difficult to leave the home and grocery shop; your donations will help us do the shopping for them and deliver it to their home. Also, we accept in-kind donations, which includes toys, clothes, food, school supplies and more. Visit our donate page to learn more.

Educate Others 

You can help youth in need from home by raising awareness and educating others. We publish new content frequently on our website and social media pages. We encourage you to follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn and share our posts.

Start the Virtual Training Class to Become a Foster Parent

KVC Kansas is now offering virtual training classes to become a foster parent that you can complete from the comfort of your home. These classes will help you make an informed decision about whether fostering is right you.

Becoming a foster parent is a big decision that requires a lot of conversation. It’s not a decision that most people make overnight or even over a few days, but it is one of the most enriching and life changing experiences you’ll ever have. Visit our Become a KVC Foster Parent page to learn more, and click here if you’d like to speak with a foster parent recruiter.

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