Independent Living Services

independent living services for youth in foster care

Independent living becomes a goal as teens in out-of-home care approach adulthood. KVC and the Kansas Department for Children and Families provide a number of resources to assist youth making the transition to living independently.

Programs Available to Youth Through DCF Independent Living

Education and Training Vouchers

Available to youth who were in foster care after their 15th birthday for education costs related to post secondary or certified training programs. If a youth is enrolled in school and making satisfactory progress at age 21, the program can extend to age 23. To be eligible, youth must show DCF that at least 3 scholarships and FASFA have been applied for each year.

Medical Coverage Card Extension Program

Available to youth who were in an out-of-home placement at age 18 and remain a Kansas resident. Eligibility continues until 26.

Tuition Waver

Covers tuition and most fees at Kansas Board of Regent Institutions (including Washburn University) to youth who graduated from high school or obtained their GED while in DCF custody – or turned 18 while in out-of-home placement in DCF custody. This program is also available to youth who are adopted or had guardianship finalized after age 16.

Chafee IL Subsidy

Available to youth who were in out-of-home placement at age 18 to assist with education and employment plans. Eligibility ends at 21.