Medication Management

When children and families use KVC’s outpatient services, they are able to access the medication management portion of our program.

Medication management is provided by one of KVC’s staff psychiatrists. These medical professionals will conduct a diagnostic evaluation of the patient, develop a comprehensive treatment plan that includes a choice of medication, and offer the patient a clear explanation of any diagnosis and recommended treatment.

The KVC medical professional and family members are all involved in the KVC medication management process when it is appropriate. We rely on feedback and invite active participation from all parties to assure the highest quality of treatment possible.

Due to black box warnings on many psychiatric medications for children, KVC has developed a medication tracking system for all children in our care.  Regardless of provider, all children on psychiatric medication have their medication regimen reviewed on a monthly basis by KVC’s medical director.  This process ensures the safety of children on medications and helps to reduce the risk of over-medication of children.

Medication management is available using telepsychiatry via an audio/video connection for children and families in rural areas.