Adoption Home Studies

An Adoption Home Study will be prepared by a licensed social worker. During interviews, you will need to answer a variety of questions, gather various documents, and explore the reasons you are interested in adopting.

You will be asked to discuss your parenting style, your life experiences and how they affected you, your sense of family, your expectations for a child, and your ability to adjust your family style to include a new family member.  You will also be asked about the type of child you feel best equipped to parent, and you will receive information about support and resources available in your community.  This process helps the social worker to ensure the family and the child are a good fit, and you and your family are prepared to adopt.

You will be asked to complete an Adoption Application Packet which includes:

  • Criminal background checks
  • Verification of employment
  • Health assessment of all family members
  • Reference checks from friends and family
  • Family financial statement/budget

This process usually takes three to six months to complete and will be paid for by KVC if the child you are adopting is in our care.