Case Management

KVC works in “child’s time.” One day away from home is a long time for a child. Our licensed professionals work diligently and quickly to provide excellent care for families, and identify necessary resources to create safe and permanent homes for children.

At KVC, the care of children and families is managed by licensed professionals, most of whom are master’s level social workers. These professionals oversee all services to achieve safe and timely permanency. Our staff members assess children’s medical, educational and behavioral healthcare needs and follow up with appropriate recommendations for care, while assuring all necessary services are obtained. Our professionals identify family members and other interested parties who form a group to strategize, create a plan and coordinate care for the child, with the ultimate goal of achieving a safe and permanent home. We operate with a philosophy of family-centered practice, and our licensed staff maintains consistent and frequent contact with families to assess progress and home safety.

KVC case managers also have the resources of KVC’s kinship care coordinators, resource coordinators, intensive in-home therapists and aftercare coordinators to assist with meeting all the needs of the child and family.

Case Management Providers Throughout Kansas

Here is a breakdown of the current case management providers by region:

  • Area 1 (Western KS)—Saint Francis Ministries
  • Area 2 (North Central KS)—Saint Francis Ministries
  • Area 3 (Topeka & North) —KVC Kansas
  • Area 4 (Southeastern KS) —TFI Family Services
  • Area 5 (Kansas City, KS Area)—Cornerstones of Care
  • Area 6 (Olathe & Lawrence Areas) —KVC Kansas
  • Area 7 (Wichita Area) —Saint Francis Ministries
  • Area 8 (South Central KS)—TFI Family Services

You can view each of the four providers’ websites here: Saint Francis Ministries, KVC Kansas, TFI Family Services, and Cornerstones of Care.

Here’s a map of the areas and providers:

Kansas foster care case management providers