Adoption Resources

Giving a child the foundation of a loving, caring family is a tremendously rewarding experience.  This lifelong commitment can make all the difference in the world to a child.

At KVC, we work to ensure the successful placement of a child in a home. Before and after adoption, we give families the tools and education needed to ease the transition, make a successful bond and build a strong future.

Once a family has finalized an adoption, they can continue to access KVC as a resource.  We can provide support services at our outpatient clinics, provide in-home family therapy, medication management, and address other family needs.

KVC offers monthly training and support groups for families in the Kansas City metro area who have adopted or want to adopt children. Groups meet monthly in the Olathe and Kansas City area and quarterly in other areas. Daycare is provided, so please contact us for further information at 785-409-6946 or

Visit the Kansas Post Adoption Resource Center for other adoption resources.

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