Strengthening Families Program

strengthening families program

What Is the Strengthening Families Program?

All families go through tough times. Sometimes families face challenges that are too difficult to overcome without the support of a caring community.

The Strengthening Families Program (SFP) provides a path toward hope and healing for families. SFP is a nationally and internationally recognized evidence-based intervention. Depending on its implementation, SFP acts as an effective family preservation and reunification service.

How Does It Work?

  • SFP includes a 14-week family program that brings families together for a meal and weekly skill building in areas such as family communication, parent supervision, family attachment, child development, parental substance use and understanding risk and protective factors to avoid substance use.
  • Any family who shows signs of fatigue or needs support building bonds, enhancing communication and/or setting appropriate behavioral limits can benefit from this class.
  • This program has also been used to directly impact families with an adult or juvenile who are under the supervision of county corrections.
  • Already, this program has shown success nationally in reducing childhood trauma caused by the substance use of the parent, and it has boosted reunification of families in instances where traditional services weren’t as effective.


SFP participants have had a significantly higher reunification rate than families who didn’t receive this intervention. On average, a child participating in SFP spent 190 days fewer in foster care compared to youth receiving services by other means. SFP has also effectively been used in community settings to help stabilize families who are struggling.  It serves as a preservation tool for at-risk families by improving family communication through a family meeting.

Since its inception in Kansas, SFP has helped numerous families overcome challenges and thrive. For example, when Dan found himself struggling with substance use, he knew he was becoming disconnected from his sons and putting strain on his family. He then sought assistance and enrolled in the Strengthening Families Program. While he was anxious at first, he soon found that it was different from other rehabilitation programs in that it included role-playing and real-life interactions with his kids. The comprehensiveness of the course provided him the knowledge and confidence to become the father he knew he was.

Dan became such a believer in Strengthening Families that he comes back to visit new SFP classes whenever the start. He now provides encouragement to other families who were in a similar situation to himself, reminding them, “You’re sitting now where I once was. There is a pathway forward.”

Watch These Real Stories of How the Strengthening Families Program Has Impacted People’s Lives

This program is being implemented across Johnson County Kansas as well as other communities in the surrounding area. For more information on this program and how to connect with Strengthening Families or launch a program, contact: 

Lee Jost –, (913)406-9241

Ashley Killingsworth –, 913-956-5240

Megan Clark –, 913-715-7880

Michael Steddum –, 913-956-5394